Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 6

‎Day 6. So far so good in the coop.
6.07am the girls are let out and have survived the night.
6.22am Sandra, Pearl and Myrtle enjoy toastie crumbs for breakfast, they do not hold out much hope of sunshine today.
7.34am Myrtle and Sandra seem to be picking on poor Pearl, Mother Hen is keeping a close eye on the situation.
8.08 am Mother Hen is glad that Sandra no longer seems to be mourning the loss of Tracey. (although poor Ollie is, and keeps asking God to bring her back)
9.01am Pearl seems to have a little sneeze, will be getting this checked out asap.
9.10 am Mother Hen is now back in the house after spending the first 3 hrs of the day watching bloody chickens!

Day 5 and its a sad day at the Coop.

Day 5 in Coop de Wolfe, still no eggs!
6.35am Sandra and Tracey are not pleased to see nasty cat sat in the garden and refuse to leave the bed room.
8.01am Coop mates are pleased to see nasty cat has left the garden and pop out for a bit of sunshine, worms and a dirt bath.
8.36am Tracey is far from pleased when Reubyn pulls her tail!
‎11.58am Tracey has just had a fit and died..........
‎8.54pm after a tragic day in the Coop de Wolfe, Sandra has two new mates to keep her company, so far so good all settling in well. (Pearl and Myrtle, two light sussex bantums),
8.55 pm Mother hen hopes for a better day tomorrow.
8.56pm thank you all for your kindness today.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day 4

Day 4 in the Coop de Wolfe, both girls still live, no eggs have been produced once again. All coop mates are looking forward to todays task!
‎6.54am Mother hen opens up the coop.
7.45am coop mates have still not left the coop.
9.01 am Mother hen evicts coop mates into run!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Day 3

Day 3 in the Coop de Wolfe, still no eggs. 8.45am Sandra and Tracey look on in absolutle horror as Reubyn tried to eat one of their worms.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 2 in the Coop de Wolfe

Day 2 in the Coup de Wolfe, both coop mates survived the night.
7.03 am, Matt triumphant home built coop is encountering teething problems.
7.12am Sandra seems to have loose bowels, Big Mother will consult Chicken Lady (aka Sarah) later today.
7.22am, Sandra and Tracey wonder why Mother Hen is sat on the door step in ...her jimmy jams with yesterdays eye makeup all over her face.
9.16 am, Sandra squealed with joy on being given dried mealworms for a treat. Tracey looked on in disgust!

Day one Coop de Wolfe.

Day one in the Coup de Wolfe, 7.13am, No eggs have been laid, but coup mates made it through the night!!