Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 5 and its a sad day at the Coop.

Day 5 in Coop de Wolfe, still no eggs!
6.35am Sandra and Tracey are not pleased to see nasty cat sat in the garden and refuse to leave the bed room.
8.01am Coop mates are pleased to see nasty cat has left the garden and pop out for a bit of sunshine, worms and a dirt bath.
8.36am Tracey is far from pleased when Reubyn pulls her tail!
‎11.58am Tracey has just had a fit and died..........
‎8.54pm after a tragic day in the Coop de Wolfe, Sandra has two new mates to keep her company, so far so good all settling in well. (Pearl and Myrtle, two light sussex bantums),
8.55 pm Mother hen hopes for a better day tomorrow.
8.56pm thank you all for your kindness today.

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