Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 6

‎Day 6. So far so good in the coop.
6.07am the girls are let out and have survived the night.
6.22am Sandra, Pearl and Myrtle enjoy toastie crumbs for breakfast, they do not hold out much hope of sunshine today.
7.34am Myrtle and Sandra seem to be picking on poor Pearl, Mother Hen is keeping a close eye on the situation.
8.08 am Mother Hen is glad that Sandra no longer seems to be mourning the loss of Tracey. (although poor Ollie is, and keeps asking God to bring her back)
9.01am Pearl seems to have a little sneeze, will be getting this checked out asap.
9.10 am Mother Hen is now back in the house after spending the first 3 hrs of the day watching bloody chickens!

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